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How do you do your job?

One of the first questions people often ask me is "how on earth do you listen to people complain all day?"

First, let me tell you - people don't complain all day. I cringe when I hear that!

People bring me their pain. They want to understand why others have treated them the way they did, or how to move past difficult events and meet goals.

I love my job more than I can put into words. Yes, I hear hard stories and deep pain - but it's not complaining, it's vulnerable sharing and opening up. It is true courage to share those hard things. When I get the honour of being trusted by my clients to hear their deep, dark, and often hidden truths, I get the joy of seeing them get to the other side - healing!

When I hear clients repeat some of my own words to them back to me, it is the highest compliment. To see the theories behind psychotherapy create new thought processes that allow them to move forward and heal become tangible is the highlight of my day. Simply put - those 'lightbulb' moments feel so rewarding.

Is it hard to hear about people's trauma and sadness? Yes - mainly because I respect my clients and I wish I could protect them - however never because I find their words a bother. When I hear "I've never felt safe enough to share this before" or "please don't judge me.." (I would never!!), I know I am creating a safe space and that is truly the highest honour bestowed upon me.

Never be afraid to bring your vulnerabilities to therapy. It is so liberating as a client to let the darkness out, and be able to create room for light to return. And as a therapist, it's truly a blessing to watch that happen.

So, how do I do my job? With the deepest respect and admiration for those who are brave enough to want to heal, change, and break patterns and cycles. My clients are the bravest people I know, and I could not be more honoured to journey along the way with them!


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